Adventure Palace Slots

Itching for some wild adventure? What about and adventure in the game of slots? Well, you sure can do that once you start playing Adventure Palace Slots. Adventure Palace Slots is a 5-reel, 9 pay line online slot machine powered by Microgaming. It is practically based on an adventure through a jungle of some sort. The appearance of the screen is pretty decent and the music and sound both fit the theme of the game. If you're up for some exciting adventure on this slot machine, you can win prizes that are as big as 10000 coins. I'm sure you'll find it big enough since the betting range could be anywhere from a cent to a dollar. Per spin, you can bet as many as 45 coins, but if you get lucky, those 10000 coins will land in your pocket after that perfect spin. Overall, there are 38 winning combinations in the game, so you'll probably be winning something out of your spins. What's more is that there are free spins on this game and you can win even bigger prizes from them.

First Rate Adventurer

Of course, if you are planning on taking on the challenge of adventuring, you must be on your guard at all times. This is one of the characteristics of a first rate adventurer. And of course, you've got to know what symbols to look for in the game. There are animal symbols present in the game such as tigers, snakes and whatnot. There are also the traditional symbols like the A, Q, K, J and so on. As I've said, there are 38 winning combinations in the game, and what would make things even easier is the help of the wild symbol, in this case the elephant. The wild symbol can be used to replace any symbols, except the scatter symbol, on the reels to help you make that winning combination from your spin. Another great addition to the game is the scatter symbol which in this case is a picture of a jungle. Getting yourself three or more of these on the screen will net you some free spins. During the free plays you can win a max of 22500 coins, which is pretty much a good deal.

Why Play This?

Overall, this online slot machine is a great place to play slots on considering the big wins you can get out of your pins. The wild symbol also guarantees you get easier chances of winning something and the scatter symbol can get you some easy coins as well. So, set on an adventure to Adventure Palace Slots.