Off the Hook Slots

If you want to give a little twist to your boring Saturday night, you might want to cast in for a different kind of weekend fishing with Off the Hook Slots. This slot game developed by Microgaming is sure to tickle everyone's nerve. This humorous fishing does gives a new, bolder and utterly hilarious meaning to the age-old saying. After all, who would think that a bunch of smug-eyed, grinning fishes is not funny?

No Wonder the Fish are Grinning

Going great with the hilarious theme is the lively gaming environment where you can cast your luck in. The graphics and design are bold, bright and engaging, while the sounds of chirping birds and croaking frogs sure adds to the overall effect of the game. The entertainment value of this game alone is enough reason to keep the reels spinning.

But beyond its hilarious theme and engaging environment is a more compelling reason to play the game. Off the Hook Slots offer one of the biggest catch among the reels of its kind. The reason for this is the massive 8,000 coin jackpot which you can win just by playing with three coins and spinning three fishes on your reels. So load up on your bets, fine tune your reels, and make sure your hook fish more than old boots with this Microgaming slot game.

Big Fish Does Weigh Heavy

Off the Hook Slots uses only seven icons which are very distinct from one another. This slot game uses five traditional slot icons like the single bar, double bar and triple bars and raspberries as well as the more theme related fishing lure and fish. If you are looking for a big win, it is suggested to look for the two icons because it provides for the biggest payout of the game. This is especially true for the grinning fishes; get three of them in your payline and it will give you 2,000, 4,000 and 8,000 coins for single coin, double coin and triple coin bets respectively.

But beyond being the top-prize icon, the fish also works as a wild multiplier symbol. You can substitute the fish icon to any other icon. Winning combination that uses one or two icons will be multiplied by two and four times respectively. This not only allows you to gain more winning combinations, but it can also help improve the odds for you. So make sure the fish is swimming around your reels while you aim for your icons.