sneak a Peak-Hunky Heroes Slots

Microgaming has pulled off yet another exciting game that girls will truly enjoy. It is the male version of the Sneak a Peak- Doctor, Doctor Slot. Sneak a Peak-Hunky Heroes is a handsomely gorgeous video slot game that has 5 reels and 9 pay lines. This is what the ladies have been waiting for! Enjoy the sight of those tall, dark, handsome and chiseled men that would not only entertain you but will provide you with big, big prizes.

The game features very handsome young men in uniform (sometimes without uniform). The game has very brilliant and lucrative illustrations that ladies would definitely enjoy. You will be blown away by those gorgeous blue eyes, those luscious lips and that perfect tan. But to those who are not just about the eye-candy, Sneak a Peak Hunky Heroes slot is also giving out an exciting 4,000 times line bonus for deserving players. You can start your wager from $0.10 and move up a notch and bet a maximum of $0.25. With 9 enabled pay lines, you can modify your bets whilst playing and increase your chances of winning the jackpot. Microgaming has made sneak a Peak-Hunky Heroes fun to play with. The interface is definitely user-friendly while the payout structure is totally wicked. There will never be any dull moment whenever you're playing Sneak a Peak- hunky heroes. This game is definitely one of the best creations of Microgaming.

Have a Date with the Most Beautiful Men in Microgaming

Microgaming has really take slot games to the next level. Not only do they have exciting prizes, but the game also uses enticing icons which include Roger, the pilot; Wade, the seaman; Duncan, the cop; Patrick, the Irish fire-fighter; and Brad, the lifeguard. The game also introduced exciting bonus symbols that would definitely make your day even brighter. These icons include the Hunky Heroes Logo, which is the wild symbol; the male icon (scatter symbol) and hats for action-typed men. If you reveal any of these men symbols, you can drop the multitude of prizes this game can offer.

Sneak a Peak-Hunky Heroes Bonus Round

While these regular symbols payout satisfying prizes, the inclusion of the wild and scatter symbol makes the game more appealing. The Hunky Heroes logo is the wild symbol of the game. This icon substitutes for all the other symbols across the reels. The male symbol is considered as the scatter symbol that triggers the bonus round. Hit three or more of these male icons and win a hefty bonus from Hunky Heroes.