Megaspin Fantastic 7's Slots

Here's a perfect addition to your gaming repertoire Megaspin Fantastic 7's Slot, an improved version of the classic Fantastic 7's game.

Megaspin Fantastic 7's slot is an amazing classic video slot machine that has three reels and one pay line. This new Microgaming slot game is uniquely designed to allow players to enjoy 4 to 9 games simultaneously. Megaspin Fantastic 7's slot is a testament of gaming at its finest. Although the game has already incorporated the advanced slot version frills, Fantastic 7's slot didn't lose its colorful and psychedelic theme! You'll still enjoy the game's authenticity while appreciating its new and amazing features. More features, more fun just for you!

Megaspin Fantastic 7's doesn't only have excellent graphics and impressive sounds but it also giving out fabulous prizes. This slot game is open to all slot enthusiasts. With a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 10.00, you can enjoy multiple games with Megaspin Fantastic 7's. Megaspin Fantastic 7's has given players the opportunity to win up to 2,500 coins in total prizes. If you think that the classic Fantastic 7's slot is great, then you might need to think again! Megaspin Fantastic 7's will simply blow your mind.

Have a Fantastic Life with Megaspin Fantastic 7's

Megaspin Fantastic 7's is a brilliant traditional slot game with a very exciting feature. With a maximum of 3 coins per spin and a chance to play up to 9 games simultaneously, you can definitely increase your chances of winning the jackpot prize.

Prior to winning these big prizes, you need to peruse on the game's basic game play, rules and payout structure. The game uses the traditional slot symbols, which include bars, cherries and 7's. It is imperative that you always watch out for the special fantastic 7 icon. Despite the fact that Megaspin Fantastic 7's doesn't have any wild or multiplier symbol, the game is still worthwhile. This is the ideal game for beginners. Have the utmost gaming experience without too much pressure.

Extra Booty for a Mega Fantastic Player

The absence of wild and multiplier symbols will not let this game down. Megaspin Fantastic 7's ensures that you'll have the most satisfying gaming experience ever. With the inclusion of the special 7 symbol, Megaspin Fantastic 7's will never be the same. Hit three of this special 7 symbol and you can win the hefty reward of 2,500 coins or $25,000.