Glory of Rome Slots

Glory of Rome Slots

The Glory of Rome isn't so much its intellectual advancement or its vast contribution to art, but a piece of genius architecture otherwise known as the Ampitheater. Capable of seating 300,000 people, the Amphitheater is where important events and activities in the history of Rome occurred. This is also where notable Roman figures such as Julius Caesar and Pompeii the Great are known to have laughed and have been entertained.

Though the Amphitheater has now been reduced to ruins, you can still get to see its splendor by playing the Glory of Rome, a slot game with 5 reel sand 20 paylines. The graphics are calming and intriguing, truly like the great Glory of Rome the Amphitheater. The sounds will also remind you of the thrilling activities that used to happen in the place, such as gladiator wars and circus performances.

Prepare to be Astounded

Before you launch yourself in the different sights to see in Glory of Rome, first determine how much you are willing to wager. The coin size increments offer sizable options: .01$, .02$, .05$, .10$, .20$, .25$, and .50$. The maximum coins that you can win in this game are 100,000 coins truly representative of Rome's wealth. There are 28 winning combinations, which means that you have fair odds of winning in this game.

Sight to See in Rome

The symbols in this game will give you a glimpse of the things you can see inside the Glory of Rome: Caesar, Slave Girl, Chariot, Gladiator, Helmet, King, Queen, Jack, Ace, Ten, and Nine. Among these symbols, there are two that you should be watching out for: the symbols Caesar and Gladiator.

Caesar serves as the wild symbol. It can complete any winning combination by serving as a substitute symbol to anything other than the scatter symbol. This scatter symbol is the Gladiator. If 3 or more of it appears in a spin, then you automatically get 8 free spins. There is also a scatter prize if 2 scatters appear in a spin.

The Battle for the Bonus

What's exciting in Glory of Rome is its bonus feature. You will be asked to select four among 8 shields. Each shield holds a special prize 8 free spins or a cash prize. Once you're done, you are then given your free spins and your cash prize. The speed of delivery of your prizes is the true mark of a Roman warrior fast and honorable.